Simple text, photos, videos, music, links and anything like that is what you can post on Tumblr by using your phone, laptop, email or anything like that. It’s basically a microblogging platform, which mixes blogging and social networking in one social media platform. This is what differ Tumblr from other social media. Thanks to its dual nature, Tumblr has both a traditional format (blog type) and a typical social media platform format like Facebook or Instagram, as the content is displayed like a stream of information, similar to news feed, through which people typically discover new stories, news and other stuff published on the platform.
For the most part the site is a mix of bloggers and brands. The bloggers are divided in 2 types: creators of original content and curators, who re-blog other people’s posts. Also, Tumblr give you an ability to customize your account in all ways: you can easily personalize everything – from the blog color to the HTML itself. This platform is focused mostly on using multimedia and avoids long, text-heavy posts.
Tumblr supports a variety of multimedia formats, but it is mainly a visuals-heavy platform. Currently, photos are the most popular format used, followed by animated GIFs, text and videos.
Tumblr is an ideal platform if you want to reach teenagers and youth. Tumblr is also a useful social network for repurposing stories and content by others that align with your mission, cause and interests. How is that all possible? will tell you.

What content can you post on Tumblr?

The most noticeable thing about Tumblr is the use of visual content. People mostly post photos and videos on the platform. Tumblr support visual content in all formats, you can safely use any type. It is a perfect platform for short- or long-form content, memes and more. You can simply play around and see for yourself, which type of content suits your audience and which type will people like the most. And if you don’t want to, our Tumblr smm panel will help you. After you have tested and figured out what type of footage your audience likes the most or what type of footage attracts people the most, you will be ready to easily work with Tumblr, but don’t overuse the same kind of visual content, sometimes diversify it, so that your profile looked even better. In order to equalize your most popular types of post with some of less popular, you can buy Tumblr likes.
By the way, remember that this is a platform, where people share whatever they find interesting and cool, so whereas you are focusing your account on the content you need to spread among masses, keep an eye on what is trending on Tumblr, as it will surely help you to get the most out of it and make your followers think that you are even cooler and superb. Whenever you think that you are struggling with this job, you can buy Tumblr followers from us and make your new account look even more popular.

Benefit from Tumblr

Surely, Tumblr can be used to improve your general social media marketing. You can use it as company personal blog, where you can post updates and news about your business and not only. It’s up to you, what kind of content you will post, but you need to know the actual advantages of Tumblr. Cheapest smm reseller panel for Tumblr will surely be a good use for you.
This social media is one of the most popular platform with young generation and, of course, with celebrities, as they can find this platform very useful for their business, and because all their fans are on it. Even politicians exploit this area to attract new people, particularly youth, to their campaign and just to keep in touch with their fans. Why do they all use this kind of blogging service? Tumblr offers you a very attractive demographic base to target and lots of business owner can’t omit such an interesting factor.
Moreover, by using Tumblr as a blog, you can expand your brand to a wider audience and, in the same way, to a specific, young, audience. You can interact with your followers, share new content, which will surely get someone interested in it, and communicate with other bloggers of your type. All seems like a typical social network? But not really. You can sync your blog updates with other social media, you can make it automatic, for example, to share new blog posts on Twitter, or make your new Instagram videos be automatically posted on Tumblr. Besides, Tumblr blogs are indexed by search engines, which really can help your SEO. In order to improve it you can buy Tumblr reblogs and increase the numbers. As all other social media it is optimized for mobile using, which is very good, as it makes it even more easy-to-use.
Also, there is a private blog feature, if you want to limit the range of people who can see your blog by only your followers, but it is only good for personal individuals’ blogs. Lots of teenagers prefer to use it in such way, as they don’t want too many unknown people to look at their blogs.
The one very interesting feature of Tumblr is a GIF – animated graphics, which aren’t supported by most of the social media.
Tumblr is simple, and it’s all you can say about it. In comparison to other blogging platform, Tumblr is very easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional technician to begin blogging. Just create your account, create a blog and start posting whatever you want. Our Tumblr smm panel will help you if you will struggle with it. You can create as many blog as you need and have multiple blog authors, which is very handy for business blogs, as you can easily manage everything in Tumblr. You can easily change or modify your blogs, customize it; you have all the abilities to do as you want. Tumblr is a perfect place to be on for a brand, influencer, bloggers and not only. Everyone can find it useful, whatever their activity is.

Some statistics

Tumblr isn’t as popular as Facebook or Instagram, but it doesn’t mean it’s not popular and useless for your brand. Here are some basic statistics for you:

• There are almost 500 million of blog account present on Tumblr;
• Around 170 billion of posts on different topics;
• Only in one second people publish almost 1500 posts on the platform;
• Tumblr is ranking 25th in the U.S.A.;
• In the world, it is ranked the 51st most visited website;
• An average user is staying on the app for around 10 minutes and it’s very good;
• Almost 70% of users are millennials;
• 70% of people say that they spend the most time online on the Dashboard.

Those statistics look fascinating, don’t they? Our smm reseller panel for Tumblr will make sure that you will use this great platform correctly and get all you need from marketing your products with it.

Use Tumblr for your business

First of all, if you still don’t have an account on Tumblr, of course, you need to create one and start your first blog. Before doing that, consider about how you are going to represent your brand, as a business or as a person (you can create a business account and share information about your business news or you can become an individual and, like an influencer, recommend your brand to other people). Or you can do both. But don’t overdo it, as you need to focus the content on what you need and it can be hard for one person to manage a few accounts and blogs. Therefore, you can make your employees control different account with different blog content. And to kickstart your new business accounts, you can buy Tumblr followers and become popular in no time.
When you already have your account, you need to create a blog. You can choose your personal idea for URL and customize it the way you want. It is important to choose the rhythm of your blog, is it serious or funny, bright or dark, and so on.
The success on Tumblr is decided by how many followers and notes your blog has. Notes are the likes and reblogs of your posts and blogs. With a high quality content and footage you will surely get a high chance of increasing your following. But, besides that, you can use smm reseller panel for Tumblr in order to get your account some boost of followers or likes.

Content marketing on Tumblr

Except for the standard blog and social media attributes, Tumblr has other ways in which to be useful for content marketing. It is a result of Tumblr’s setup. A single post on Tumblr can give incomparable results as any other kind of marketing and you will see the result in a short time.
When you post something in your blog, someone can re-post it to their blog. This can provide you a considerably high marketing value, because each re-blog post involves a link to its original owner. This, if used properly, can lead to substantial traffic growth to your website. You can buy Tumblr reblogs and spread your content to the whole world. So, a single post with a link to your website can further expand your brand name.
Furthermore, this platform lets your content be found very easily, thanks to the hash-tagging of posts. There is no actual need to have a huge following to benefit from social media marketing on Tumblr. Also, because it’s mostly photo and video focused platform, you don’t need to spend much time writing lengthy blog entries. Tumblr is great for photos, videos, GIFs and other visual content – content that can be created easily, if you have some creativity.
Perhaps on the most basic level, the reason Tumblr can be a useful tool is because it is yet another platform that’s available to anyone, and the cost involved in marketing via Tumblr is limited to the short amount of time it takes to set up a blog and post content.
You surely already have been using Facebook, Instagram and other social media for you marketing, but you shouldn’t skip such popular platform as Tumblr. It can offer an excellent way to boost your existing marketing efforts, and add even more social media-friendly content to your strategy. If you additionally use our automated Tumblr reseller panel, you will surely get the best out of this popular platform.

Reasons to promote your product on Tumblr

If you are a business owner with some kind of merchandize to sell, Tumblr will be an ideal place to present it to people and constantly in a very useful way publish updates about it. Even more suitable it is for fashion designers or any industry, which uses photo-video ways of displaying their products. It can be clothes industry, food, online service or anything else.
Of course there are bloggers, who don’t try to sell anything, but promote something or someone, individuals who desire fame and recognition from other people. Many think that Tumblr is a place of profit, material or nonmaterial. But you shouldn’t think that you can just post a photo or video, or GIF and you will straight away reach fame, it’s not that straightforward.
You need to be in trend and be interesting to other users. And to become interesting you need to increase your post engagement. You can do it if you buy Tumblr likes from us.
Hopefully, you have us. team will grow you Tumblr blogs from zero to hero. We know how everything works and we will help you understand it and reach your goals. We deeply analyze your content and the market, and will totally bring you good results.

Use Tumblr social media marketing panel

Probably, you are right now mostly using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other very popular social media platforms for your brand promoting and to keep in touch with your customers. But, you are still missing a lot of traffic, because your strategy is still not perfect. You are doing everything to attract people to yourself – you publish attractive and appropriative content, you use social media marketing tips and all other. But, still, something isn’t as you want it to be.
The main problem is that you are using the same approach to social media marketing as all other companies and people. It’s all the same techniques and same platforms. But, have you tried the Tumblr platform for your business? I think you haven’t even thought about using it. You need to overthink that. And afterwards, after you created your first account and your first blog, posted some stuff, you should come to our cheapest smm reseller panel.
The latest trends of promoting most part of web resources are closely connected with SMM elements. SMM media means a set of actions intended to attract potential customers’ attention to a certain product of brand by means of social media networks. Lots of researches are giving us evidences, that promoting products or services of a certain brand by means of social media have high efficiency. Specialists assume that the reason is that information spread through informal space of social media seems more truthful than transferred by other information channels.
Our SMM panel for a social media reseller works with Pinterest, Tumblr, Periscope, TikTok, Telegram and other popular social media platforms. Our purpose is to provide marketing specialists and ordinary users with a powerful and cheap resource for operating social media. We are one of the biggest world’s panels intended for quick work with followers, likes and reblog on Tumblr. So, if you need an automated Tumblr reseller panel, we will be pleased to do business together with you!