The latest trends of promoting most part of web resources are closely connected with SMM elements. SMM media means a set of actions intended to attract potential customers’ attention to a certain product of brand by means of social media networks. Numerous researches evidence that promoting products or services of a certain brand by means of social media have high efficiency. Specialists assume that the reason is that information spread through informal space of social media seems more truthful than transferred by other information channels. In this article we will show an overlook of effective SMM tools for social media reseller’s work and some of their features.

Black and white tools

As well as PR companies, tools used in SMM can be divided into black and white.
Black ones are in fact spam, yet more developed and intellectual. In case a marketing specialist uses black tools, social media finally gets overflowed with enormous amount of unwanted information. Such method of traffic attraction looks too obvious and rude. Almost always users treat such method negatively. However, such strategy still brings result.
Black SMM strategy is actually a chaotic overflooding of news feed with a great number of advertising announcements and offers. It looks unpleasant but still catches attention of a great number of users.
White SMM, as a “righteous” method, is not obtrusive and does not call for negative reaction of users. Principles and tools of white SMM consider interests of the very promoted resource and of social media users. In this case information is shown in small portions, accurately and inside publications or forums of relevant topics. It does not offend users and motivates them proceed to the resource and read more detailed information. The following instruments are used for white SMM:

1. Communities and groups management – in this case a great part of attention is paid to communication with subscribers, answers to the questions and reducing argues and negative moods.

2. Cooperation with bloggers – a popular tool to promote something or somebody on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

3. Organic advertisement – this means paid placement of a publication with mentioning goods/services in a popular group, blogger’s profile or a YouTube channel.

4. Placing offers in a news feed – such method is widely used in Facebook social media platform. Marketing specialists place coupons for discounts for subscribers of a certain community.

5. Using widgets – effective and, what’s essential,– free wool which allows quickly invite subscribers to a community or social group. The higher resource attendance is, the better effect from widgets is.

6. Circle promotion method – publishing information about a new or less developed channel on a popular resource.

7. Conducting contests – an offer to win a prize for a repost, comment with a tag of a friend or a like is not something new. This simple and proven scheme attracts new users and increase activeness of current subscribers.

8. Targeted mailout – this method is often used in Facebook social platform. Unlike black SMM, in this case messages still arrive massively but only certain users receive them. These can be the people who subscribed for community and accepted to receive postings.

In addition, they widely use search optimization in social media. The action is similar to search engine optimization in Google. You have to optimize groups and publics relevantly to move them to the highest positions in social media ranking. They use keywords in caption and work on followers’ activities inside a the group or community to reach this.

Classification of existing SMM tools
Today there exist more than hundred different action directions in SMM. The following are among the most popular:

● “virus” marketing;
● work with opinion leaders;
● developing a personal brand, community or a company;
● promotion with content;
● organizing interactive contests and other kinds of communication with users;
● promotion of goods, brand or services on niche-specific social media.

All existing marketing instruments in social media can be divided into three large groups according to functions they provide.

Tools for statistics collection, data analysis and optimization

Collecting and analyzing information is the key of a successful marketing strategy. Well collected data allow exact presuming and defining correct vectors for strategies. Statistics lets detect mistakes, figures out overall view of promotion and indicates its dynamics.

Postponed posting services

Such tools are intended for substantial time saving for posts publishing. If you work with several social media at once, you may be not able to manage publishing information on the pages in time. Postponed posting service will do this on your behalf, all you need is to set the page and publishing time, and the application will do everything instead of you. It is very handy if your target audience is located in a distant time zone or its active time does not correspond with yours.

Services of references detection

Tools of such kind give an opportunity to monitor all references on certain social media platforms and other media resources. Such application lets you quickly receive authentic statistics data which can be used later to build SMM strategy.
In case you need a tool able to perform all three functions listed above – have a look on SMM panel. This application is able to track all references, comments and likes on social media platforms, assist in posts publishing and create statistics necessary for developing marketing strategy.
Applying social media marketing panel lets you quickly achieve your targets and occupy your place in your openings. Such program is able to attract lots of potential customers from social media and convert them to buyers. Moreover, you will not have to pay for additional traffic. All you have to do is to pay for social media reseller panel and start to apply it in promotion.

How to choose a necessary SMM tool?

Before you start working on page promotion you will have to point out the type of necessary SMM instruments. We suggest you use a simple algorithm to simplify selection process:

1. Define and describe target audience you will have to interact with through social media.
2. Choose social media platform which will be more comfortable for you to impact the audience.
3. Define the key positioning objects.
4. Develop a detailed content plan on the basis of interests and needs of your audience.

Next, when you have a detailed content plan, all you have to do is to choose an SMM tool for its successful application.

Which social media platforms does the offered tool work with?

Our SMM panel for a social media reseller works with Pinterest, Tumblr, Periscope, TikTok, Telegram and other popular messengers, social networks and services.
Our purpose is to provide marketing specialists and ordinary users with a powerful and cheap resource for operating social media. We are one of the biggest world’s panels intended for quick work with likes on Facebook, subscribers on Twitter, likes in Instagram and views on Youtube. So, if you need a cheap social media marketing panel, we will be pleased to do business together with you!