The world of social media is not limited to Facebook only. It competes with other sites for communication which are attractive for masses of other users. Increasingly popular Telegram is one of such messengers. It differs a bit from conventional social media networks by its structure but many people appreciate it for its convenience for communication and interchange of business information. So there is no wonder that more and more proprietors and public persons promote their goods, brands or ideas with the help of channels placed there. Let us learn how to increase the number of subscribers quickly and how Telegram smm panel can help in solution of the matter.

Why is Telegram worth paying attention?

Multiple surveys give the answer to this question – the network is handy for work and communication, secure and purely clear even for a beginner. IT specialists complement enlisted arguments with speed and performance. Comparison with other competitive sites can only emphasize the benefits of TG. So, Messenger is linked to Facebook account, Viber, in its turn, goes deeper and deeper into advertising, and Line was initially intended for the Asian market. A user-friendly and light for gadgets’ OS Telegram stands out of this background – it does not take much space in smart phone’s memory and does not overuse battery charge.
The latest nuance is a current concern of a modern person and significantly reduces the risk that a subscriber will delete the application from his phone or tablet. Consequently, business and celebrities actively increase their presence in the overall flow of channels. They also do not ignore the principle “The more – the better”. In this case it works on psychology level – people are more likely to trust pages which have more virtual and real guests under rather large variety of pages with similar information.

How Smm Reseller Panel for Telegram works

All in all promotion on this platform reminds of a usual PR campaign. However, at a closer look you can see that such king of advertising has many minor ins and outs which are noticed even at the start steps of promotion.

A well-developed promotion includes several steps:

1. Analysis of opponents’ channels and accounts provided in a promising business area. They take everything into account: posting frequency, methods of transferring a message to a user, design and other peculiarities. Here we need some time to have an opportunity to track subscribers’ number growth dynamics in real time. Advertisers advise to hold a table where all listed things will be written down in order not to get confused among loads of information.
2. Defining interests and requests of the target audience. It is extremely important for brand positioning. Keeping a follower in TG is a real art, as far as it is equally easy to subscribe and to unsubscribe. So here is the core of necessity to thoroughly research the representatives of age groups you need.
3. The results of previous two steps are converted to a strictly set conception of promotion. That’s it that makes using automated Telegram reseller panel successful or not.
4. Developing a content-plan. It is good to bear in mind both technical moments and opportunities for dynamic editing when listing the clauses of this document.
5. Project launch and the entire start of involving new participants.

Professionals of PR industry emphasize that thorough development of each above mentioned factors is inevitable for successful launch and efficient promotion of any account.
Lots of proprietors or potential stars who make their first steps in web-marketing ask themselves, is there any point in such complex measures? Surely, managing the task by yourself is real, too. However, the real practice proves the contrary – although work with Telegram smm panel seems simple, the result can be noticed only after detailed work over each step. And here the beginners starts feeling reluctant – is integration to this platform worth efforts?

Advantages of a personal Telegram channel

Telegram implementators did their best to make their creation as comfortable to use as possible, and they managed to: the application wins users’ favor with laconic and easy-to-use interface, substantial kit of tools and an opportunity to work with chats and supergroups (we will speak about them a bit later). Extreme account’s security is also among benefits of the platform: business opponents will hardly ever hack access to your channel.
Except for standard functions like messaging, the application allows saving enormous volumes of files – a great opportunity for companies who deal with a vast stock-list of products. Creating and further usage of bots is a pleasant bonus. Surely, administration keeps an eye on their usage, but ban rates are far lower than on, on for instance, Facebook (in case of relevant bot applying, of course).

The following categories of users usually massively buy telegram channel subscribers:

● businessmen – those who have low business volume, as well as corporation owners;
● bloggers, for whom reaching the TOP is essential to start making money on advertising (optionally – to buy telegram subscribers and thus collect many readers);
● specialists who work with digital technologies or people of imaginative nature – freelance programmers, photographers, web designers etc.;
● show-biz representatives with their permanent need to remain in sight of public and regularly remind of themselves without obtrusive PR;
● journalists, writers and people who would like to enhance their network of acquaintance or turn their hobby into additional source of income.
Representatives of advertising area remark a peculiar trend when working with multiple channels – the percent of TG users who work in marketing area, digital technology development and similar business directions is constantly high. In simpler terms, beginners have a chance to make a claim about themselves and involve new business partners or use the new site for promotion.

What do channels differ from each other?

The answer seems obvious – with content, surely. However, selected type of virtual representative directly impacts the final result of work with Telegram smm panel as well. The point is that all sites for communication inside the messenger are divided into the following types:

● actual channels;
● group chats;
● supercommunities.

Let us start from channels. They are perfect to be microblogs – subscribers play the only role of readers, so receiving a negative comment is unreal. Notifications on new records are delivered to users’ gadgets automatically.
And here is a nuance which is worth paying attention even before the start (especially if you are going to work yourself, without involving specialists). The point is that channels have one more division: they can be either opened or closed.
The ‘mechanics’ of their usage does not differ at all, yet the methods of adding subscribers do vary. In case you buy Telegram Post Views the opened type is more preferable – growth dynamics is more noticeable. You can easily recognize such site by a hyperlink type (they are named under template like Integration of a new guest to a private channel is far more complicated: they use something like an invite link, and this is a restriction for attendance growth. However, the way out does exist – you can make a link visible in other public communities so other people can follow it.
Group chats are a rarer object of promotion. They are not popular among businessmen and celebrities simply because of their limitations: the ceiling value equals 200 people. However, they still can be used for above mentioned promotion method as with private channels. Anyway, final numbers will be small as well. Such method is often used by companies who work in small towns (where web marketing is complemented by personal knowledge of each other).
Supergroups are the ‘highest league’ and a juicy contract for customers who resolve to buy Telegram Members. Among their advantages: great numbers of followers is reached in a few days (a leap from 200 to 5000 takes about 3-4 days), and open info space (new participants see the entire information volume at once). All important records stick to the top of the window, and outdated messages can be deleted from there for all participants at once. Technically, such upgrade is easy to enable – all you have to do is to find the relevant checkbox in the settings.
After we have understood the peculiarities of holding dialogues on this social platform, let us touch one more important issue – how to design a group or a channel and make it as comfortable for potential subscribers as possible.

The role of content and design

Strategy and conception of Telegram smm panel using defines the shape of marketing attack, while the content and account type are meant to hold people and, whenever possible, to make them become more loyal to a product or brand.

A precise PR program comes down to implementation of several simple rules:

1. Channel’s name should be laconic (easy to remember one would be perfect).
2. Elaborate usage of tags. A hashtag is a rubricator which redirects a reader to a set of publications connected by a single topic. And here is a space for creativity, too – unusual and positive words and abbreviations shape a positive image of partners in the eyes of customers.
3. Attention to caption. They are not simple 255 characters but kind of an exhibit which presents account’s owner and what he or she offers. Do not hurry when writing one – sometimes ‘that very which you wanted’ comes out of dozens of alternatives. The presence of an apposite mini-text eases capturing new subscribers.
4. Do not forget about messages stylistics. The requirements to them are following: succinctness, self descriptiveness, ability to arouse the interest. And so should be placed links.
5. Compose information wisely. Advertisers know how important the balance between texts, links and pictures is.

Talking about pictures. Images can be added easily and with no loss in color quality. They widely use stickers, emoji and GIFs to make a news feed look more creative. Now, what should people who are not satisfied with standard set do? Make an individual sticker. Designers will easily create a case if you provide them with source PNG images (of 512 x 512 size surrounded by a transparent layer). It is a great measure if you are used to buy Telegram Group Members. It is almost unreal to lose them later – attaching a funny sketch to a message is available through any gadget (in case you entered TG earlier from it) thank to cloud storage technology.
Links decoration is a point of great difference from Facebook. While FB decorates them with large colorific illustrations, here the text block is shared as a small square placed aside. Do not disregard this feature either.
Successful businessmen are always excellently practical people and thus entrust specific work to professionals. The main thing they are anxious about – how attendance rates are boosted, and are there any risks in these undertakings?

Is extremely fast boosting possible?

There is nothing impossible for professionals. However, an advertising guru can cool the eagerness of a customer who dreams of huge rates and thousands of people who scroll his company’s account.
The trick is that even the cheapest Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel works so that the growth is gradual. If so, even accidentally visiting people deem all subscribers to be real people who are sincerely interested in what happens on a certain page. So, while in the case of a large company large traffic volume calls for no suspicion, a channel of a small firm which has undertaken an incorrect boosting step can seriously harm owner’s reputation. You will not argue that 500 new people a day is too much for an average book-selling market or bike spares stock. Such dynamics will keep few days and be followed by drop of interest and a wave of unsubscriptions.
They estimate attendance to avoid such turn of events. Only an administrator has access to the entire counter while ordinary users see only a rounded number. So, for instance, visitors from smart phone access would see 7.4K indicator instead of 7417 underneath. This rule is enabled for a desktop after exceeding a milestone of 10 thousand.
The first steps will bring loads of trouble to administrators. After first 200 participants are captured checking the profile of each one gets complicated – admins see the caption “last”. So, on this stage Telegram smm panel kicks into action.

Inviting mechanism is simple and similar to other social media platforms. They make out new followers in two ways:
● Engaging accounts of real people (owners). It is not bad variant for the very start, however, with the course of increasing subscribers’ quantity a risk of receiving unsubscription also grows – it is most likely that there are people who are not interested in the promoted topic among friends of a ‘trusted person’.
● By means of bots. There exist entire catalogs of bots but professional try to use those which resemble real people from different regions and countries. This is a real deal for large marketeers. It is estimated that the risk of page ban does not exceed 4-5 percent when bots are interchanged wisely.

There are several directions of work. Surely, boosting followers is the most popular one. Project conception defines gender ratio and countries on bots’ registration, also they set the limit of boosting speed.
Everything is a bit easier with driving up views – it would be enough to select position number of a record (there are plenty of options: “the first”, “first 5 to 10”, “first 7 plus random 5” etc.) So, interchanging is applied in any order you wish. It works even for closed channels.
Such tool as subscription for auto-watching new records is efficient either. For example, you need 1500 views for the next two weeks. After the order placed, each new publication which appeared within this time period will definitely collect this number. A quick and profitable way.
Surveys, likes, ratings are one more trend. Before posting a survey keep in mind that it cannot be edited after publishing. All you are able to do is to close it.
So, how to find the one who you can accredit such intricate work to do?

Benefits of cooperation with Followgram

Partnership with Followgram service which means using Telegram smm panel is the guarantee that new potential customers will hear about you, as well as plenty of other people. The service provides a full range of services on promoting different accounts. When you apply for their service, you can be sure in success of your undertakings. Each customer will receive:

1. Permanent contact with the team of experienced specialists.
2. Provided data security – everything is confidential, information never leaks out.
3. A ‘live’ page which will not get banned.
4. Access to preliminary testing – only checked information which has been approved by the customer is launched to public media space.
5. Guarantee on all kinds of services. In case the boosting goes wrong or works unpredictably, paid sum is refunded without any questions.
Remarkably, it is even not a full list of benefits which Followgram team can boast with. And yes, we talk about an entire team. The work requires participation of project managers, designers, SMM professionals and creative copywriters.
Our creed is “safe and quick boost”. What’s for the cost? You will be pleased – the prices are reasonable and “friendly”, unlike the fees billed by other promotion sites.