Periscope – one of the latest apps for video broadcasting. It is not like any other video broadcasting or video publishing platforms, such as YouTube or TikTok, or even television. You can broadcast your video in real-time and interact with your viewers. It is very fascinating, especially for business or brand owners, as they can eaily communicate with their customers via streams. Viewers can directly communicate with the broadcaster, ask question about what is on the stream and so on; and of course leave “hearts” (likes) on the broadcast as in any other platform.
Periscope is a separate company from Twitter, but there is huge interaction between them, as they try to make all the perks of both apps as much useful for users as possible. You can link your videos to Twitter, share them with your Twitter followers and make your followers on Twitter more engaging by making them join your broadcasts and make them you Periscope followers. The followers are notified instantly, when you start a live video and can quickly join you.

How things work on this yet another social platform?

Periscope is directly connected to Twitter. You can login with your Twitter account and you will right away have options to follow featured users, including the people you already follow on Twitter. After you have completed this setup, you will be on your way to watching or creating your live streams.
The concept of this app is that you can broadcast your life to the people that follow you. If you don’t have anyone following you, you can always buy Periscope followers. The app allows you to use either the selfie camera or the rear-facing camera, along with the ability to switch back and forth between the two. Once you start broadcasting, users, who are watching you, can comment or like you broadcasting and these comments and likes pop up on your screen, as well as the screens of the other viewers. From here, viewers can chat amongst themselves, and because you are live broadcasting, you also have the ability to vocally address any questions or comments as you’re recording.
There are also hearts, Periscope likes in other words. While you are watching a broadcast, you and other users can tap on the screen to give a heart. Hearts are a way for viewers to show they enjoy what you are talking about, sort of like virtual applause.
Once the broadcast is over, you will be shown the stats for your broadcast. This includes how many viewers you had, how long they stayed, the number of hearts you received from each viewer, etc. With the help of smm reseller panel for Persicope you can improve those statistics. When the broadcast is over, it will still be available to viewers for 24 hours, or you have the option to remove the broadcast so that it cannot be replayed.

Why is Periscope different than other video streaming platforms?

Apart from obvious, why for real is Periscope better than any other platforms with similar concepts and features, and why is Periscope smm panel helpful to you? It is a medium between traditional television and YouTube. You can both like, comment, watch and record your videos, same as on YouTube, and as in a standard television program, everything happens in real time. Periscope offers you thousands of streaming channels for you to choose and watch, based on your preferences, location and other matters. Moreover, if you didn’t have enough time to watch your favourite streamer, you can always look at highlights of the stream, which are stored after the broadcast has ended.
Another feature that is indeed very useful is that you can opt for the audience you want your live video to see. You can make it public and for all your Periscope followers to see or you can make it private for a certain group of your chosen followers, your close friends for example. Of course, you can link your Pinterest streams or archived videos to other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or any other.
So why don’t you download this beautiful app, add your friends, who are already there and start streaming, for example, your weekend barbeque. If you are a business owner, you can absolutely win a lot out of this platform, as you can easily connect with your customers by the help of Periscope. And if you need any help with reaching people on this platform, you can always use a hand of

Use Periscope broadcasting feature wisely

First of all, you need to make your stream is fruitful.

Prepare some interesting activities for your stream and mention it in the title so that people become more interested in watching it. For example, you can say that one of the viewers, who guess right your riddle, will get something in return or if you are promoting your merchandise, you can say that one of the viewers at the end of the stream will win a free copy of your product. You can let you creativity decide what will you do or you can ask someone from Periscope smm panel to help you.

Promote your stream before starting it and while it is live.

Tell your followers in advance when you are going to stream, so that they can plan their time. Make sure that no one will miss it. Tell about your stream on all your social media, so that even non-followers could possibly join you. Very importantly it is to announce about your stream exactly before starting it, as it will bring you instant views. The best place to announce your stream is Twetter, but at best it is to do so on all the platforms, where you have an account. In addition, you can use automated Periscope resellet panel to help you with getting followers and likes on Periscope.

Plan your stream at the right time.

As the Periscope is directly connecte to Twitter, most of all, all your viewers will be from that platform. It would be very useful for you to analyse the time, when those people are most active on platform and later host you broadcasting in that time, in order to get the most of their attention. Of course, you can do the same on other platforms, but Twitter users are most likely to watch you Pinterest streams.

Decide on clear and attention-grabbing title.

The title – is how indiviuals will identify what is your stream about. It is better to use short, yet informative titles, which will make people not miss you and your broadcast.

Public or private?

Decide on which audience you want for your stream to have. Is it only your friends or all the people of Internet? Choose between a public and a private stream. For a private stream you can select the people from your followers you want the broadcast to see. You can buy Periscope followers in order to have a bigger audience to choose from for your streams.

Interact with your viewers.

When watching a stream, people can like it and comment it. Those are the interactions they can do. And you from the other side can do whatever you want on camera. Read what the people are writing to you in the comment section and see when people give you hearts. In this way you can keep your audience with you and make them stay with you until the end of the stream. Nothing will make a viewer more pleased than a direct answer on their comment from the streamer.

Of course you should ask for likes, follows and shared from your viewers.

But, be careful, don’t overdo it, as you can make the viewers angry and they will leave your stream. Be patient with this and incorporate such requests in the end of your stream, as people, who stayed with you until the end are surely the one who were interested in you, will most likey want to followe you for the future content, or add it in the middle of your speech, but in a way that it doesn’t disturb your audience very much. The likes and shares are the most valuable factors for a Periscope streamer (and of course followers). The more of these you have the bigger and higher you will rise in the charts and the more interested in you viewers you will have. You can always buy Periscope likes for that reason.

Analysing your performance.

Without proper analyses of the results you will never reach your goal. Same goes with Periscope. Fortunately, you have a nice detailed analytics tools in the app, which help you do it. At the end of the stream check those analyses and analyse them for yourself. How many hearts you had, how many new followers you got, the overall amount of views of your stream and all other stuff is very important for your research. Use all of this information to improve your future broadcast. Use the cheapest smm reseller panel for Periscope to improve your statistics.

Benefits of Periscope

At last we will summarise the overall benefits of the Periscope platform. Perhaps, you already discovered them.
This social app gives you crazy advantages in you online business sector. By adding this platform to your arsenal you will separate yourself from all your orther competitors, as you will have bigger engagement, bigger audience and bigger revenue. You are giving your audience another way to connect with you, and they will love you for it. Use a hand of our Periscope smm panel to increase all the engagement on your streams even more.
So these are overall benefits of Periscope:

You increase your customer list by engaging the people on your broadcasts;
Your enhance the trust and reliability of your brand by being clear and honest with your customers on live streams;
When calling people on all social media to join your stream, you create a huge traffic to all your platforms and websites;
You can easily start selling your products on the spot, during the stream;
Your viewers can experience your company int its fullness, what you are all about;
You can use the arhived videos on your other social media for different purposes.

Periscope marketing

It is doubtless, that such a platform like Periscope is worth of your attention and your time investment. It is important for you to add it to your social media marketing arsenal.
The most popular way of using the platform is by promoting and selling your product during live streams. You can showcase your merchandise and, especially, new releases during your live broadcasts or you can even focus your stream on your merchandise and show the viewers how it is used or how good and qualitative it is. There are many ways in which to do it, you only have to use your imagination and if you don’t have much creativity, you can always rely on others, particularly on our smm reseller panel for Periscope.
In order to increase interest of their customers and to create some action around their new merchandise, brands invest in this strategy on Pinterest. If a celebrity or you, yourself, endorse it on live stream, you will get overwhelming attention of people of internet. If you hire some well-known people to promote your products and to do so on a live stream, you are certain to increase your revenue and your brands credibility. You can also buy Periscope likes for a better credibility of your streams.
A specific brand, which is hosting a broadcast of question and answer session, is sure to improve their relationship with their customers. The Q&A can supply the brand with invaluable feedback about their business and concerns of their clients, which will absolutely help you further, improve your products and brand.
Offering a Q&A session can improve your brand reputation by putting a face to a company, and allow customers to interact with a live person instead of robotic phone support.
Also, very well-liked among customers are the behind the scenes streams of the life of a company or a blogger, or the creation of a product. Customers are often curious about the brands they support, so a behind the scenes tour of the company factories and offices or an interview with an executive can be an effective marketing tool. Because Periscope is connected with Twitter, a strong presence on Periscope can increase a brand’s Twitter following or in reverse.

Our Periscope social media marketing

Social media markeing isn’t a quick 10-minutes sprint; it’s a marathon, which requires patience and strength. In order to construct and take into effect a perfect marketing strategy that will concentrate on growing your following and increase you engagement level, you need time and patience. And you need an appropriate partner. will be a suitable and ideal partner for your marketing strategy. We will cooperate with you and your team on creating a strategy that will fix your business and industry. The cheapest smm reseller panel is at your service.
When you think about your brand and your social media marketing, you may assume that you are doing fine all by yourself, but even if you see that you have some progress with it, even a slightest progress, don’t think that it is good. Why you will ask? Because it is only normal for any business to have a slight delelopment in customer base. This slight delelopment isn’t because of you; it is because of your current customers, who tell about you to their friends and aquintances. People tend to follow what other people say. And if you already have such a good relationship with you current customers, it is very good and very helpful for your further campaign.
In order to see the results of your social media marketing, you need to deeper analyse your new customers. Who are they? Why are they here? Who made them visit your page? In most cases, they will say that you were recommended by their acquintances. And this is kind of bad, because it doesn’t show you how your marketing campaign is working. And it implies that it doesn’t work. Therefore, we recommend you to use some help from our automated Periscope reseller panel, as we will make sure, that your social media marketing is working at its best, and we will ensure that your Periscope streams get enough of Periscope likes and that your brand is recognized by the people all around the world. With our affordable services you will surely get the best and highest ranked steams on Periscope and the most effective results.